OK, my roomie recently told me that I "hate too much." Which shouldn't really irk me, since he's angry anyway. But if our Newport kids can change, I can, too. So I've decided to shake off the H-word with a round of "Loathing, Liking, Loving." This way, we get two positives to one negative. Feel free to play along.

Loathing this social-chair Psycho-Barbie Taylor Townsend.
Liking that she's only recurring.
Loving that she's gonna need a moment of silence after Summer's done with her for ratting Coop out of the kickoff carnival.
Loathing the new dean. I don't care if Eric Mabius was hot on Eyes. You expel Marissa from the Harbor School, you suck.
Liking Julie's failed defense of her daughter. "Tall, pretty, wears Chanel? Not exactly what you'd call 'gangsta.'"
Loving that Ryan clocked the dude for manhandling his woman.
Loving even more that we'll probably find out he's bangin' Psycho-Barbie.
Loathing Charlotte's "If you go home, you'll drink" scam to keep Kirsten around. Trust me, hon, get home, get to meetings, get a sponsor and get away from rehab stalkers with remote cabins. You'll be fine.
Liking that Sandy's already on to her crazy-eyes codependent BS.
Loving the Kelly Rowan-Jeri Ryan smackdown that's coming once Kiki figures out what this boozebag freak is up to. Bring it!
Loathing Jimmy's loan-shark secret. Who else thinks he's this season's DOA?
Liking the additional screen time it gives Jules.
Loving the additional screwing it's going to give Jules. You so know he proposed to get his hands on Caleb's inheritance. Karma, babe. Stick that in your cardio-barre and smoke it.

See? No hating. And just in time for Ryan and Marissa to get down to some real lovin' next week. It's fun for everyone!