OK, first off, Mac, lose the T-shirts with the ironic slogans. I don't care if you can pull off the sleeveless look; there's no place in my hood for Adam Brody wannabes. Second, was that Blair Witchypoo Heather Donahue lying to Charlie about him being her demon-seed's father? Good to see another Delco native getting work. Especially on a show that probably has a lot of women very ticked off. I mean, crack whores offering discounts and pro-life chicks getting horned up over guys who threaten to kill abortionists aren't exactly punch line-friendly fodder, ya know? So why am I cracking up? Maybe it's because mocking extremists left and right is fun for the whole family. Did you see the protest signs at the pro-vs.-anti rally? I don't know which one was the sicker ticket: "What if Jesus Was Aborted?"or "Viva La Vulva." Either way, I'm loving that these guys are ballsy enough to flip the bird to both sides of a very prickly coin without us having to endure the usual sitcom "special episode." Because really, I'd take a die-hard feminist bashing Dennis for being "a breeder" over Jim Belushi befriending the unwed mother of latchkey kid any day.