OK, you guys are cracking me up with your replies to these surveys. And I swear, if I had the space, I would totally shout out to y'all. But since I don't, I'm just gonna send some lovin' vibes to each and every one of you, in honor of this week's Valentine's Day pop quiz.
1) What should Stephen's punishment be for taking Kristin out for Valentine's dinner before showing up at L.C.'s with candy and flowers the next day? Public castration, no nookie from either of them, or seven minutes locked in a closet with Casey, the porny new girl with the funky lips?
2) Does candy really mean "I love you"? 'Cause if it does, then my mom ADORED me. So say yes.
3) On a scale of one to a gazillion, how sad is Jessica for saying "I deserved it" after Jason semiapologized for treating her like [bleep]? It's called Codependent No More, honey. Go buy it and have someone teach you to read.
4) As nice as it was to see Dieter again, is it rude to wish Trey was still in town instead?
5) Who wants to tell Lo that Sarah Michelle Gellar called and wants her nose back? And what do we think of this boyfriend of hers with the overgroomed eyebrows?
6) Kristin's extensions: Need to go, or not so bad?
7) Jason's highlights: Metro, homo or "oh, no"?
8) Alex H.'s pup, Billy: Cute or one bandanna and a bum leg short of a junkyard dog when compared to Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua?
9) Is it me, or does Stephen not make eye contact when he lies? See how he kept looking away when Kristin asked him about his love life? Yeah, like that tool isn't milking this show for major skirt up in San Fran. Boyslut.

BONUS POINT: Now that "Jesson" are broken up, how much do you want to bet that awful Alex M. already has his stink on her?