OK, how disturbing was that MRI scene? Can you imagine having the highly metallic ink from your tattoos extracted from your body with a giant magnet? Ouch. If I were Clarence, the death-row inmate played by the delicious LL Cool J, I think I would have passed on the scan. I mean, you're on death row. Why put yourself through that torture when your time is drawing nigh? Maybe it's me. Clarence went ahead with the MRI, and almost immediately he was screaming bloody murder from the pain. Would it be inappropriate for me to say, "I told you so"? Maybe it's a good thing. Dr. House found the problem through the scan and we ladies who love cool James got yet another scene of the rapper-turned-actor writhing about with only the strategically placed fig leaf of a bed sheet to cover his naughty bits.

Speaking of naughty, that Gregory has done a bad thing. He lied to Stacy the ex-girlfriend and, dare I say, current love of his life and now Stacy's in hot water with Cuddy. Dr. Wilson kindly pointed out that House's behavior wouldn't score points with Stacy. She's all about trust and truth, and House isn't very trusting or truthful. How will House ever get Stacy to leave her husband if she can't trust him? Good question. One thing's for sure: Stacy's presence invigorates House as much as it unsettles him. By her side House is at times juvenile (nothing new there), indignant and repentant. By his side, I suspect Stacy could be the same.