Oh, my god, do any of these girls know about loyalty? Cripes, this one steals that one's guy, the blonde says the brunette smells in her ladyplace thanks to Ali Gazan and a certain someone's college roommate for the scoop and none of them could give a ya-ya about sisterhood. I love it! So, in honor of all the backstabbing, I offer the "With Friends Like These, Who Needs Herpes?" pop quiz.

1) Who else is totally into Alex H., and what do we need to do to get her a man? Baby girl's like the Dr. Phil of Orange County.
2) Kristin's hook-up with Poor Dumb Jess' crush, Skinny-Arm Surfer Jeff: booze-fueled or bitchy move?
3) Do we think Poor Dumb Jess realizes that bashing Kristin to Cabbage Patch Taylor and Awful Alex M. is so going to come back to bite her in the codependent butt?
4) Is Talan a total chick? Because he seems to gossip a ton.
5) To paraphrase the übereloquent Steeephen, what would you think if he and Lauren had, like, a full-on relationship? Meaning, which one would we hate the most?
6) How lame was that fiesta, anyway?
7) Have I been too tough on Casey? I mean, she seems like such a normal girl, doesn't she? (www.caseyreinhardt.com)
8) Where are the damn parents!?!?
BONUS: Do we hate the game or the playa?
BONUS 2: How exactly is the game played, anyway?