Melora Hardin, Steve Carrel Melora Hardin, Steve Carrel

Before he departs The Office, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is inviting us all to a screening of Threat Level Midnight, the film he vowed to complete ever since his co-workers discovered his screenplay back in Season 2. The February 17 episode will see the returns of alums Melora Hardin (Jan), Rashida Jones (Karen), David Denman (Roy) and Andy Buckley (David), with almost everyone playing roles in the action/thriller.

Acting alongside Michael's Agent Michael Scarn will be Dwight, as his possibly robotic butler Samuel; Jim made up as arch nemesis Goldenface, Jan as femme fatale Jasmine; Pam as Hostage #1 and Darryl as The President. "Michael has been working on this weekends and nights for the past seven years and you'll get to see a significant portion of the movie," says supervising producer Justin Spitzer.

The plot: Goldenface is once again trying to destroy America and Michael Scarn is asked with stopping him. "This is his passion project and Michael has very high hopes that Hollywood will discover it," adds Spitzer.

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