<EM>The Office</EM>'s Steve Carell, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer The Office's Steve Carell, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer

It's an oldie but goodie on The Office tonight [9:30 pm/ET on NBC]. We are rerunning an episode from Season 1 called "Diversity Day." Michael is subjected to a day of diversity training after complaints are made to corporate about his behavior. He hijacks the meeting and teaches his own brand of sensitivity.

If you are new to The Office, this will be a treat. "Diversity Day" is an often-quoted fan favorite. It is also a favorite of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the creators of the original British version of The Office. One of Michael's lines from this episode inspired The Office fan site NorthernAttack.com. And, if that weren't enough to convince you that you should be excited about a rerun... this episode, written by B.J. Novak, was nominated for a Writers Guild Award.

More fun facts about "Diversity Day":

 This was the second episode we ever shot. It was our first completely original episode. (Our pilot episode was adapted from the script of the British pilot.)

You will see Steve Carell before he lost a ton of weight for The 40 Year Old Virgin.

John [Krasinski]'s hair is longer.

My hair is darker.

You can see the very beginnings of the Jim-Pam romance.

This is the episode that contains the infamous "Chris Rock Routine."

In other news, my trip to New York was crazy! I'm happy to be back in Los Angeles and back to my normal routine of typing my blog from the set of The Office. Here are a few FANYQs or Frequently Asked New York Questions:

Yes, Matt Lauer is cute in real life. He's also nice, charming and very funny.

I liked Martha Stewart a lot. She was warm and candid. I found her comforting. It was pretty cool to cook with Martha Stewart! Which leads me to...

Did I really like the chicken soup we cooked [on Martha]? It was OK. I prefer a heartier chicken soup, but she did mention that you can add noodles if you want it to be more substantial. It had a strong citrus flavor. It was a light soup that would probably be great for summer.

Yes, I was a little nervous on [Late Night with] Conan [O'Brien]. That's why I was talking fast. I was also pretty darn excited to be there. Can you blame me?

Yes, my stories on Conan were true. I really did become a member of a call-girl ring by accident. No, I did not turn any "tricks." And, no, my parents didn't know this story until they heard it on Conan.

My most surreal moments of the trip? Riding home on the plane, I sat across the aisle from Rob Reiner, who read my profile in People magazine during the flight. (He didn't recognize me even though I timed a trip to the bathroom just as he finished reading the article.) The movie on the flight was The Family Stone, starring Luke Wilson whom I then ran into at the LAX baggage claim. I think my life has officially gotten weird.

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