Jenna Fischer by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Photo Jenna Fischer by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Photo

The NBC Universal Video, Music & Product Development and Delivery Agent (NBCUVMPDDA?) once again is auctioning off memorable mementos from some of your favorite shows. Among the goodies you can try to grab starting Monday and through Jan. 30 at are:

From The Office, Pam's blouse and cardigan, Michael's "lucky tie" and a Rainn Wilson-autographed Dwight bobblehead doll (proceeds benefit the Mona Foundation).

From Heroes, Charlie's Burnt Toast Diner waitress uniform, and numerous prints.

From Friday Night Lights, Smash's No. 20 game jersey, a Panthers state championship ring and Coach Taylor's playbook (autographed by Kyle Chandler).

From 30 Rock, Greenzo and "Me Want Food" T-shirts.

And from Las Vegas, Montecito playing cards and casino chips (but alas, no autographed Sam Marquez underthingies).