Steve Carell, John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson, <EM>The Office</EM> Steve Carell, John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson, The Office

The big news is that I will be appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight! OK, maybe that's just big news to me and my parents. But we are flipping out! Last year my family came to visit me in Los Angeles and I got us tickets to see a taping of The Tonight Show. Hilary Duff was the guest, and my mom leaned over to me and said, "One day, you'll be up there on the couch being interviewed by Jay Leno!" I rolled my eyes and grunted or something. Even at my age, I seem to regress into acting like a teenager around my parents. But secretly I was hoping that I would be up there one day. And now I am! I'm excited but I also have knots in my stomach. I borrowed a dress. I'm getting my hair done. I got good pointers from Steve [Carell], Rainn [Wilson] and John [Krasinski], who have all been on before. They promise that Jay is a nice guy and I'll be fine.

We have a new episode of The Office airing this week! It's called "Michael's Birthday." As you might imagine, it's Michael's birthday and he is insufferable. At the same time, Kevin is waiting for some important medical results. Michael gets jealous of all of the attention Kevin is getting and starts acting even more obnoxious.

This episode was written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. And like their previous episodes, "The Fight" and "The Secret," my breasts play a central role in one of tonight's scenes. Thanks guys! You must really love my breasts. Which, by the way, are real. I understand there has been some Internet chatter to the contrary. I can only say that I am flattered. I can promise you that they are not as impressive-looking without a bra. So a big thanks to Victoria Secret's "Body by Victoria" bra. I highly recommend it.

There are lots of great things in tonight's episode (besides my rack): Dwight and Angela bicker over who is in charge of planning Michael's birthday party. Jim and Pam sneak out of the office together. And in the end, the whole office gang goes ice-skating. This was another fun episode to shoot because we got to leave the office set and shoot at an ice-skating rink. Steve Carell is a great ice-skater. He used to play hockey. The writers had been looking for a reason to use Steve's secret talent in an episode, and they finally found it.

Some of you may know that I was recently cast in a new movie called Blades of Glory starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. It is an ice-skating comedy. I don't have any routines in the movie, but it was important that I be able to skate well. They started me on lessons, and I was getting quite good. It was right at that time that I found out about this episode of The Office. We decided that Pam was not such a great skater. She has to lean on Jim. So, when you see me fumbling around on the ice, I'm only acting.

There is a lot of funny stuff in this episode. I got to see an early cut of it, and there is one scene that is so funny I fell off my couch laughing. I'm not kidding. I seriously fell off my couch. My cat was sitting on my lap and he got startled and scratched my leg. I had three bloody bruises on my leg the next day. I can't think of a better endorsement!

Also, tomorrow night is the opening night of my new movie Slither! It is a horror film written and directed by my husband James Gunn. Things are exciting around here. The movie has been getting really great reviews from the likes of Variety, Entertainment Weekly and even CNN! It stars Nathan Fillion (Firefly/Serenity) and Elizabeth Banks (The 40 Year Old Virgin). I just have a small role in the movie as a police dispatcher named Shelby. This was a dream role for me because I get to turn into a zombie! I hope I'm not ruining anything for you, but you have to figure when everyone in the police station leaves to investigate an alien occurrence and I'm the one gal left behind to handle the phones, it doesn't look good for my character. The movie is a lot of fun. It's funny and gross and scary all at once. I hope you like it!

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