Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey

In last season's finale of The Office (Thursdays, 9 pm/ET, NBC), not only did Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey) accept a marriage proposal from dimbulb rageoholic Andy Bernard (Ed Helms), she also got caught in flagrante delicto with Dwight by Phyllis. This season, with Angela and Andy's wedding plans under way (see their hilarious wedding website here), Angela's passions remain divided. Will she make it to the altar, and who will be at her side? Kinsey and Helms talked to us about all the wedding and pregnancy rumors, how fun it is to have a meltdown on TV and how the wrapping-paper section of Kinsey's closet helps her get into character.

TVGuide.com: Angela and Ed, what's it like being the saucy office minx and the unwitting cuckold this season?
Angela Kinsey: I don't know what's happened to my character. She's crazy! It is so much fun to play. It's like a buffet; there's so much to choose from. And so, as an actor, I love it. My poor dad is being put through the wringer though. He'll watch an episode and he'll be like, "Are you serious, man?" because his daughter is the office skank.
Ed Helms: I think there's a lot of me in Andy. I just make the things that I'm most insecure about the biggest parts of Andy.
Kinsey: I think no matter what kind of character you play — even if they're evil or sinister or skanky — you bring a little bit of yourself to that character. Like, I organized all of my wrapping paper and my ribbons, and my tissue paper. That freaks people out when they see the wrapping paper section of my closet. But I'm like, "Oh, Angela Martin would do that."

TVGuide.com: Angela, what are the pros and cons in the Dwight-or-Andy decision?
Kinsey: I think Angela Martin wants to do what society would think would be appropriate. And I think Andy seems very appropriate. She could bring Andy to church. I don't know if she could bring Dwight to church. He might show up with, like, squirrel pelts to give people. So, on paper, Andy is what she thought she wanted. But she has this crazy chemistry with Dwight that she doesn't understand. It doesn't fit into her plan for her life. Andy has this enthusiasm and he wants to plan this perfect wedding. And he's so accommodating to all her crazy needs. Dwight is more in her face, and I think he challenges her, and they fight more. But maybe she's more exhilarated by that.
Helms: It's the whole Madonna-whore thing in reverse. Dwight is your dirty guy and I'm your clean-cut fellow.

TVGuide.com: Who would you like to see her choose?
Kinsey: Gosh, I don't know. There's so much that's going to unfold in the next episodes. I can't give anything away.
Helms: The way our story develops over the next few episodes, I would not change a thing.
Kinsey: Me either.

TVGuide.com: Are there any past TV romances that you guys have been looking to as inspiration?
Kinsey: For Dwight and Angela, the relationship I look to is "Hot Lips" Houlihan and Frank on M*A*S*H. They have this secret relationship and they're both kind of militant and judgmental.
Helms: Not really, not consciously. There's something a little Mork and Mindy, maybe a little bit of...  no, I can't think of anything.

TVGuide.com: Do you have a favorite Office episode?
Helms: I just loved punching a hole in that wall. When Andy's world just crumbled around him and all his very shrewd efforts to suck up to everyone suddenly imploded, and the "Rockin' Robin" music is no longer enjoyable. It was this full-on meltdown. There's nothing more fun as an actor.
Kinsey: That's so true. My favorite episodes are the Christmas episodes because my character always has a total breakdown — like she's screaming and smashing ornaments. Those are my favorite.

TVGuide.com: Is Angela working on a plan to get something on Phyllis so that she can regain control of the party planning committee?
Kinsey: Oh, you know it. She's always got her eye out for everyone. I wouldn't be surprised if Angela Martin has a file on everyone's behavior that she can use at some point.
Helms: She's like the J. Edgar Hoover of Dunder-Mifflin.

TVGuide.com: Will Andy's anger issues resurface, maybe when he finds out about Angela and Dwight?
Helms: In broad terms only, I think that Andy's anger issues are still very much there. But now he has these coping mechanisms. I like the idea that Andy beats up, like, an inflatable doll or something at home, a metaphorical or literal punching bag that allows him to stay centered and adhere to social norms.

TVGuide.com: Is Angela pregnant with Dwight's baby? And if so, are they going to have a shotgun wedding?
Kinsey: Wouldn't you like to know? Things get really complicated pretty quickly in the next few episodes. That's all I can say.

TVGuide.com: Will there be a wedding? Paul Lieberstein has said that there will be an altar, but not in the way that we'd expect.
Helms: We get into altered states of mind perhaps. No, we just — I'll just go ahead and give you the big spoiler — we do become Satanists and sacrifice goats at an altar.
Kinsey: Oh, Ed.

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