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Octomom Nadya Suleman stopped by Friday's Today show to... uh, who knows? She could barely get a word in above the din of eight toddlers freaking out and almost destroying the Today show set (and themselves). Ironically, the virtual inability to communicate makes this interview more telling than any subdued, one-on-one sit-down could be: You get a real sense of this family's inner chaos.

It's also pretty hilarious to watch Ann Curry scramble around like a preschool teacher on her first day on the job. For her part, Suleman is full of weirdness: She spends almost the entire interview on the floor, discusses her new-found career as a boxer and personal trainer, admits that her children are working off of two hours of sleep, says her method of potty-training is, "You just go," and that she's "moving past" the guilt of not giving her children enough attention. However, given the unruliness of the clan, they aren't as quick to overlook it.

Watch the bedlam below: