Slade Pearce by Michael Bezjian/ Slade Pearce by Michael Bezjian/

The fiercely loyal fans of October Road are probably dying to find out if Nick really is Sam's dad, or if Janet and Eddie will get back together. And can that wedding be stopped?! "We just don't know anything," Rebecca Field told TV Guide with a shrug, at a Wednesday event for the Young Storytellers Foundation. In fact, the cast and crew are still anticipating word on whether or not the show will receive a third season pickup. "We find out in May," said Laura Prepon.

The March 10 season finale left the audience with a lot of questions, but should they remain unanswered, Slade Pearce (aka Sam) has a plan. "If we don't get another season, we're going to go barrage the writers and make them tell us everything. I know they know [who my father is], but they won't tell me. It's evil and cruel." (Prepon's take on the paternity puzzler: "I would think it's Nick, because ultimately I think people want it to be Nick.")

TV Guide caught up with the cast at The Big Show, an event where the actors performed scripts written by 4th and 5th graders as part of a mentoring program in the Los Angeles area. "You get to see a bunch of adults act like imbeciles, which is really cute, but more than anything it's just another little nail on the post to remind [these kids], 'Hey, that could be me, if I want that,'" says Field. "They can do anything. If they want to write a screenplay or if they want to be an actor or a doctor, as long as they put the work into it they can do it." - Carita Rizzo