Nadya Suleman Nadya Suleman

Move over, Jon and Kate. Showing that eight is definitely not enough when it come to reality television, Nadya "Octo-Mom" Suleman has finalized a deal to star in her own series about her and her 14 children.

Suleman, who gave birth to six boys and two girls in January, signed a deal with British production company Eyeworks to produce a "quasi-reality" show, attorney Jeff Czech tells People. Suleman's show will document select milestones in the babies' lives — such as their birthdays — in an effort to be less intrusive and to deviate from Jon & Kate Plus 8's everyday-living style.

"She's been watching them a bit lately and thinks it's boring," Czech says. "Nadya knows she has to do something. But she doesn't want the constant filming because she feels that would be taking advantage of her kids. She's trying to find the middle ground and feels this approach will work best."

The series will air in Britain first before moving to the United States, Czech says, adding that Eyeworks has not yet sold the show to an American network.

If that's not enough Octo-mania, Suleman has also landed a book deal with ghostwriter Wendy Leigh to write her autobiography. Leigh recently co-wrote Life with My Sister Madonna with Madge's brother Christopher Ciccone.

"Of all her projects, this is the one she's most excited about," Czech says. "She's really looking forward to telling her story and speaking out about how she was raised, how her children are feeling, what they are asking about and things about the donor dad."