The O.C. Yes! They finally brought back my favorite character, whos been MIA for a while now: drunk Marissa! Maybe its not quite appropriate of me to support alcoholism during an episode that also had Kirsten take Seth to her nine months sober speech at AA. But Marissa, whose flask falls out of her backpack and who chugs a glass of champagne in front of her mom, is just so much fun. I am, however, concerned that shes become so self-hating shes gasp a new fan of cocaine. Even though Summer doesnt know yet, shes been bickering with Marissa: Youre being so lame not as lame as you because shes concerned about her BFFs relationship with Volchok. As Summer brilliantly explained it to Seth, Marissa bailed on their parents' engagement party (oh yeah, Mrs. Cooper Nichol is now the future Mrs. Dr. Roberts) to skank-out with the surf Nazi and that shes on a slut spiral. Wait til everyone finds out about the coke. I smell O.C. : The Intervention, Part 2. Well after two and a half seasons of being tied down to Marissas drama, Ryan has finally found happiness with Sadie, who decided to stay in the O.C. and give their relationship a try. Although the first time they discussed their future together, Ryan pulled a typical man move and changed the subject to food. And Im totally uninterested in the Sandy/hospital deal/shady-guys-who-beat-up-Matt story line, so Im going to end on a hilariously classic Julie moment. When she moved into the Roberts mansion, she told her new maid, Vamanos por favor,

to which the maid responded, Im from the Philippines.