Benjamin McKenzie and Peter Gallagher, <EM>The O.C.</EM> Benjamin McKenzie and Peter Gallagher, The O.C.
The O.C.
Here's the thing: References back to Season 1 are ridiculously enjoyable. In fact, I always like a show that doesn't forget its history. But this also creates a slight issue: When you bring back Ryan's mom and flash back to scenes of the big fire that burned down Ryan's hideout, I turn all nostalgic for what I believe was a perfect year of must-

O.C. TV. Did you catch Ryan's first-year 'do? I loved his hair then. I don't mind saying I want that hair back. And the emotionally damaged kid was a brooder in the best sense he hadn't turned all pseudo-adult, doing things like picking up Marissa at public school. Ah, good times, good times. When I snapped out of my own personal flashback, I realized that Marissa just fell down some steps. Maybe it has something to do with those pancakes she "claimed" to have eaten. I'm not fooled, Miss Cooper. I really wanted Ryan's mom to show up so we could see him get all sexy angsty again, instead of letting Sandy break it to him that drunk mama wasn't coming to see the birthday boy. But Seth sorta (not really) did his best to ring in his best bud's 18th. The Bait Shop bash was kinda funny, especially since Ryan pretty much didn't know a soul there. At least Sadie showed up and Ryan was able to introduce her to Sandy and Kirsten as his family cool scene by the way. What wasn't cool? We just got rid of Johnny, now we have Volchek the angry-yet-misunderstood surfer hanging around Marissa. And

Foreigner Shmoreigner. I would have liked to have heard that Journey tribute band.