The O.C. This episode is called "The Cliffhanger," and a tequila-filled Johnny falls off a cliff at the end of the episode, so we won't know what becomes of him until next week. I get it. Thanks for asking me to wait until the last 10 minutes, Fox promo department! It was worth the wait. Or not. But I did rather enjoy Ryan telling Marissa he doesn't want to see her until she works out this whole Johnny whatever-it-is. I also enjoyed an actual conversation between Marissa and (yes) Kaitlin. It's the one where li'l sis talked about her big sis and used some sort of ice-cream analogy. The ice-cream talk had me thinkin' a pint of butter pecan needs to be in my very near future. That is if stonerSeth doesn't get to it first. Being overly emotional watching the teen "tearjerker"

Save the Last Dance was hilarious. At first I thought that Seth was miraculously going to stop the smoking of the pot, in which case I would have had to be angry at the show for missing the opportunity to tell a bigger story. I should have had faith in the show. There's no way they could let me down

this time. Things are good when I get an episode that references Hot Pockets and wine coolers, and features Firefly's Inara (Morena Baccarin)! (How's Mal doing?) Well, should I say "almost" features? Because she was only in that one scene with Matt. We didn't get to hear from her, yet. Hopefully that'll change in the future  it better! Julie Cooper and Dr. Roberts are just the cutest thing going on in town, and maybe it's just me, but the Ryan-Marissa love scene seemed more awkward than passionate. And why does Johnny look like he's 10 years old when you put him in a scene with Ryan? Seriously. There's no contest. Wisely, Marissa chose Ryan. Atta girl.