Question: What is up with the 90210 spin-off rumor? I heard "Meet the Mills" is the name and that none of the original characters are coming back. Why don't they just call it The O.C. 2.0?

Answer: Fenster, you don't hear so good. As far as I know, the show is still untitled, but I'd be very surprised if producers didn't go with Beverly Hills, 90210. A glance at Rob Thomas' script for the pilot tells me that Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez (the spawn of Andrea and Jesse) now helms the news desk at the "West Beverly Blaze," which is now apparently a TV show. Also roaming the halls of West Bev is Kelly Taylor, who teaches fashion design. (Wait, wasn't Donna the fashion designer? Oh right, she's now the proprietress of Bao Thai.) Whether or not Jennie Garth would ever sign on to be this show's "Nat" is unclear. The pilot also reveals that one of the protagonists is David Silver's niece (but wasn't David an only child before the arrival of little Erin?). And if Kelly Bishop isn't cast as the show's hard-drinkin', faded, '70s-movie-star grandma, it will drive me to drink. Fun fact! Navid, the Persian guy who runs the TV station, says he doesn't drink because of his religion: Scientology.