The O.C. 1) When did Marissa move into Julie's trailer? I think I missed that episode. 2) I wasn't feeling the hurricane references. At all. And 3) who knew the entire show would stop down for the return of Marissa's sister Kaitlin? Seriously. Just about every conversation was about her. Sandy and Kirsten were wondering about the prodigal daughter (instead of wondering how to drum up a story line for themselves). All of a sudden she was on the beautiful minds of Seth and Ryan. One of their chats occurred in the Cohen kitchen as the sarcastic one walked in, only to see his best pal staring outside:

Seth: "Hey what's up? You seem pensive, scoot down."
Ryan: "Soooo... Kaitlin's up to something."

I mean, what gives? These teens are in high school. It's their senior year! Surely, there are other things they could be gossiping about or doing. Having said all that, I actually think the powers that be cast Mini-Coop pretty well. And while I thought the show went over-the-designer-top bringing Kaitlin back, I see potential. I just can't believe the character's only 14. If this were Passions, they would have SORAS-ed (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) her about three years. Or is that 13? I forget. One thing: On her first episode back, why are they putting Kaitlin in so many scenes with Johnny? I would have rather seen her in more scenes with the established O.C. regulars, or in scenes with that kid who played Justin, who's also on that ABC Family teenfest soap Beautiful Girls (please don't ask how I knew that). Just know that a desperately needy Taylor, thoughts of a possible Julie Cooper-Nichol/Summer's dad pairing and genital warts entertained me verily this week. You had to be there.