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All but saying he'll soon be off the network, Conan O'Brien continued his comic barrage against NBC in his monologue Tuesday, but backed off from zinging Jay Leno.

Leno: Don't Blame Conan (Or Me)

Striking a conciliatory tone on his Monday show, Leno said O'Brien was not to blame for NBC's late-night debacle and said he twice asked to get out of his contract and predicted his move to 10 o'clock would fail. 

As O'Brien's team negotiated what will likely be his exit, The Tonight Show host joked: "I'm just three days away from the biggest drinking binge in history." 

Conan O'Brien welcomes first guests back for possible final episode

A night after seriously talking about NBC's mistakes on The Jay Leno Show, the host returned to joking about it in his monologue.

Hargitay blames NBC for lower SVU ratings

"A study here at UCLA found that blaming others in the workplace is socially contagious," Leno said Tuesday. "Not taking personal responsibility and blaming others at work actually becomes contagious in companies. Thank God, nothing like that happens here at NBC."

David Letterman extortion case expected to go to trial

Over on CBS, David Letterman kept taking shots at Leno, reacting to Leno's Monday comments with: "I know. I know it's not his fault. But isn't it funny that he always turns up at the scene of the crime?"

Then he ripped apart Leno's "state of the network" speech and said Leno's exhortation not to blame O'Brien was unnecessary — because no one does.Watch the video here.