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President Barack Obama knows how to put America back to work, and it won't be music to your ears — or your kids' ears.

President Obama agrees to reschedule jobs speech to NFL Opening Day

"We have to turn off the TV set and put away the video games sometimes and get our kids motivated by learning," the president said Monday at a Silicon Valley town hall

about job creation. "If we don't do that, we'll continue to slip behind."We're guessing now that Entourage is over, he's not watching much TV anymore.

What's on Obama's must-see TV list?

Of course, today's kids won't help create his proposed 1.9 million jobs right away, but the country's future success is dependent on their current education, he said.Obama has emphasized less TV and more time in the classroom for the past three years in order for America can stay competitive with such global powerhouses as China and India. Two years ago, he said Chinese and Indian kids watch "a lot less TV" and "play a lot fewer video games" than Americans do. "They're coming at us and they're coming at us hard, and they're hungry, and they're really buckling down," he said then.So does "turn off the TV" mean he doesn't want us to watch his prime-time speeches?