Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd brought the heavy duty fire on Dancing with the Stars this season (quite literally, if you saw his performance last week). Every subsequent season will henceforth be known as PN and AN (pre-Nyle and after-Nyle) after that man slayed the dance floor without being able to hear a thing. Relive Nyle's impressive performances below. Which one was your favorite?

Week 1: Cha Cha

The one that started it all. Nyle came out of the gate letting us know he was a serious contender.

Week 2: Rumba

Not his best, but still dope.

Week 3: Tango

That time Carrie Ann said he was better than Superman. Sickening.

Week 4: Samba

How does this man do it? How?!

Week 5: Waltz

Nyle got the first perfect 10 of the season...and it wasn't even with his regular partner! WHAT?! Bring this man a challenge, he dares you!

Week 6: Quickstep

Oh my God this, was so good. Nyle got robbed, dinged for being "too cocky." Ugh.

Week 7: Foxtrot

Here's where we started to believe this thing was gonna go to Nyle.

Week 8: Paso

And here's where we pictured ourselves in Nyle's living room, helping bae clear a space on his shelves for that Mirrorball.

Week 9: That blindfolded tango

If you didn't get chills watching this man deliver a sick tango WHLE BLINDFOLDED please consult your doctor to make sure you are in fact living.

Week 10: Freestyle

An absolute work of art. Game over.