NYC Prep NYC Prep

Once The Real Housewives of New Jersey ends, we're betting on NYC Prep (Tuesday, 10 pm/ET on Bravo) to be our next guilty pleasure this summer. On Prep, Bravo gives viewers an inside look into the lives of the privileged teens on the Manhattan prep-school scene — call it a real-life Gossip Girl. How are the two similar? Let's meet Prep's familiar character archetypes and investigate.

PC, The Bad Boy
Who He Is: PC is a popular senior whose sophistication is seen in both his dapper style and in the way he greets friends with a double-cheek kiss. So, he's kind of a d-bag. "There's a huge advantage with having money and being around money in New York City," he says.
Gossip Girl Equivalent: Chuck Bass, the teenaged CEO of Bass Industries, can charm the pants off (literally) any girl. He's a bit of a clotheshorse, and he truly believes that just about anything can be bought in this world.

Kelli, The Follower
Who She Is: Kelli is never alone, except the five nights a week she lives in the city with her 18-year-old brother while her parents stay out in the Hamptons. "After my parents leave, I'm always out," she boasts.  
Gossip Girl Equivalent: Penelope, Isabel, and Hazel, Blair's headband-wearing minions, are rarely seen alone.

Taylor, The Wannabe
Who She Is: As the only cast member attending a public school, Taylor strives to be accepted by her prep-school peers. "I'm going to sit here and keep my mouth shut because it wouldn't be good for my social status," she says.
Gossip Girl Equivalent: Jenny might pretend to be a rebel, but she's dying to make a splash with the in crowd, as a fashion designer or otherwise. She doesn't always have the best judgment when it comes to either pursuit. (Dress stealer!)

Camille, The Scholar
Who She Is: Camille has a mission: to get perfect SAT scores. "First I will go to Harvard. Then I will be a business head of a genetics firm. Then at 40, I will have a husband and two girls," she announces.
Gossip Girl Equivalent: Nelly Yuki — who is only ever referred to by her full name — stole Blair's spot at Yale. She deserved it, of course, but Blair was meant to go to Yale! She even got the bulldog!

Sebastian, The Pretty Boy
Who He Is: Sebastian's surfer-boy looks and fluency in French make the ladies swoon. "My passion is probably, like, hooking up with girls," he says. He's pretty good with numbers too: "If you go to a good amount of parties, you can hook up with between two and 16 girls a month."
Gossip Girl Equivalent: Nate may be vacuous, but he is definitely pretty. Every girl in school dreams of dating him, and almost every girl has. We've no evidence of his tabulation skills, or that he can even add, but... he's very pretty.

Jessie, The Queen Bee
Who She Is: Jessie has her friends and isn't looking to make any new ones. She has an obvious crush on her best friend PC, who says she can get a little bitchy sometimes. "And a little, like, meaning a lot," he says.
Gossip Girl Equivalent: Blair knows she rules the school and has no need for small talk with potential friends. Her pitiful, on-again, off-again flirtation with Motherchuckin' love is one of the show's richest storylines.

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