Rob Morrow, <I>Numbers</i> Rob Morrow, Numbers

This week on CBS' Numbers (Fridays, 10 pm/ET), Rob Morrow's wife of 11 years, actress Debbon Ayer, guest-stars as a woman who may not be what she seems. She also is on hand for a dramatic twist which places her husband's character, Don, on death's doorstep. Morrow shared a glimpse at what's ahead. So, it seems you brought your home to work with you for this week's episode.
Rob Morrow: That's right. I've got the beautiful Debbon Ayer playing a damsel in distress — or at least someone who appears to be that. (View an episodic photo of the two here.) Ah, so you gave her something juicy to work with?
Morrow: She has some juicy stuff, yeah. The scenes I have with her did not involve much acting, but I got to save her.... I wish we could have held out for a better part, but she wanted to get up there and do something. Is there any sort of flirting between Don and her character?
Morrow: If you watch it at like 130 frames-per-second, you'll see something going on between her and I. [Laughs] But that's about it. Is she a frequent visitor to the set? Did she fit right in with the Numbers family?
Morrow: Totally. We all socialize a bit and she's friends with a lot of different people on the show. So it was very easy. Tell me about the life-threatening injury that Don suffers during this episode. What's the nature of it?
Morrow: Well, something goes wrong that we don't anticipate, due to a miscalculation of Charlie's, and I end up getting brutally stabbed. More than that I cannot tell you. There are rumors every now and then that you might be itching to leave the show. A life-threatening injury would seem to pave the way for that....
Morrow: It could be, right? [Pauses] Nah, I'm coming back. I have no intention of going anywhere. Let's talk about Numbers' 100th episode, airing May 1. It's supposed to be an extra-special treat for longtime viewers. How so?
Morrow: There are a lot of little kind of trivia nuggets buried in the text, and the overall plot echoes our pilot episode. If you are a really devoted fan, there are some esoteric little gems [to find], as well as some more obvious ones. It was fun to do that, to take perspective of what the show has become. I'm always amazed by how these things take on a life of their own, and then start to reflect the dynamics of the actors who helped create it. Lot of shows seem to be killing off characters in their season finales this year. Do Numbers fans have anything to worry about?
Morrow: There's a nice little cliff-hanger, but no one is in jeopardy that I'm aware of. And things are looking good for a Season 6 pick-up?
Morrow: Yeah, we're golden, as they say!

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