Here's some exclusive prattle with a few random thoughts tossed in for added flavor:

* The West Wing's Josh Malina is joining the cast of Numbers as a whip-smart, crusading federal prosecutor known for his persistence in going after tough cases. He'll debut in Episode 9 and will likely recur.

* CBS has picked Jericho up for a full season. Thanks Kim Jong II!

* NBC, encouraged by Law & Order: Criminal Intent's ratings on Tuesday night, has ordered a full 22 episodes, up from 18.

* Do we want to live in a world where Criminal Minds beats Lost in the ratings? From a just-released CBS press bulletin: " Criminal Minds beat Lost in households for the first time ever and finished in a near dead heat with Lost in viewers in the 9-10 pm hour and attracted more viewers than Lost from 9:30-10 pm." That Tasti D-Lite shop is starting to look really good right about now.

* Everything you've read about the Grey's Anatomy kerfuffle is 100 percent true.

* Kidnapped is shooting across the street from our offices today. You'd be amazed at how much work goes into a show that only 16 people will see.

* Fox has ordered three additional Standoff scripts. All of them terrible. (Actually, Tim Minear is working on the show now, so I take that back.)

* Someone named Pat O'Brien posted a comment to this blog (see below). Could this be the Pat O'Brien? You know, of "Betsy" fame?

* Yet another reason we love this whole Internet thing: Flight attendants talking smack about rude celebrities!