Lindsay Lohan by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Lindsay Lohan by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

One bombshell evokes another in the Spring Fashion issue of New York Magazine, where Lindsay Lohan braves new levels of near-total undress to mimic Marilyn Monroe's "The Last Sitting," a famous series of poses for photog Bert Stern. ( See pictorial here. It's very much unsafe for work, but then again, today is a holiday. Fortuitous, no?). Watch related video here.

Hopefully for LiLo, the starlet's sometimes reckless (if not freckle-less) life will steer toward the straighter and narrower, and all such MarMo comparisons will be limited to the printed picture.

Among readers' early reviews:

"At the very least the photographers could have covered her tramp stamp."

"Unflattering is a pretty good word for it. It's amazing how much older she looks than her real age."

"When I showed my husband the pics, he said she should keep her clothes on. I am sure that is not the reaction she was hoping for."

"Lots of actresses pose for
Playboy to reboot their careers. This seems like the same sort of thing."

"What peabrain is managing her and thought this was a good idea?! Even if it was sincerely done in the spirit of homage, it's too easy for it to appear as 'grasping-at-validation-through-reflected-glory' opportunism."

What's your take? An artistic homage to an icon? A diversionary tactic to take our focus off Lohan's wild-child antics? Or merely a convenient excuse for the actress to finally "pull the trigger" on inevitable toplessness?