Alfre Woodard by Michael Bejzian/ Alfre Woodard by Michael Bejzian/

Dear NBC:

I heard that Alfre Woodard has been cast to play Christian Slater's boss on My Own Worst Enemy this fall, and I am writing to make sure that you treat her in a manner befitting her status as one of her generation's best actresses - unlike some other network who shall remain nameless. True, she got an Emmy nomination out of her much-derided stint on Desperate Housewives, but not because the material was extra special! Yes, her steely demeanor and exacting stare are perfect to play an undercover bigwig. But I'm nervous. I mean, I haven't liked anything Slater has done since Heathers, and that was 1989! So you can understand my concern. Please take care of my Alfre. She certainly deserves it. Go rent Passion Fish and you'll see what I mean.

Thanks for listening.


Mickey O'Connor