Norman Lear, the producer who brought groundbreaking, socially conscious shows like All in the Family and the Jeffersonsto TV in the 1970s, and Shonda Rhimes, the hugely successful producer of shows including Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder (and 2016 recipient of the Norman Lear Achievement Award from the Producers Guild of America) are teaming up to executive-produce a documentary series for Epix called America Divided. The series will be a sort of 30 for 30 of social issues, with documentaries on topics like New York City's affordable housing crisis hosted by people like Zach Galifianakis and America Ferrera.

"Epix is committed to presenting thought-provoking documentaries that deal head-on with hot-button topics that affect our society," said Epix CEO Mark S. Greenberg in a statement about the series, which does not yet have a release date. "America Divided is a nonpartisan investigation of the key issues shaping the presidential campaign, and we are confident our viewers will find each episode compelling and accessible."