Definitely my least favorite episode ever. I was going to write "worst episode ever" until the ending redeemed things a bit for me. I liked that Julia decided not to abort Sean's baby and I liked that the rain washed away the paint Ariel (Brittany Snow

) and Matt covered the nativity scene with. Hey I am aware that there are hateful people in this world, but I guess I don't like to be reminded of it. I mean, a girl tries bleaching her skin because she finds out that she's 1/16 African-American? A woman who appears as Mrs. Claus at the local mall goes in for lipo and finds out she has a dead fetus inside of her left over from 17 years earlier? And then her Santa-impersonating husband leaves her? What a pleasant holiday-themed episode. At least we found out that Julia never had sex with Quentin and that Matt finally felt guilty about dating a racist. Bring on next week, when we finally find out who the Carver is. FX certainly wants us to search for clues by airing a promo for its website. Frankly, I don't want any clues I want to be as shocked as they claim I will be in the final scene of next week's two-hour season finale. Carve away, baby. Dave Anderson

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