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After seven seasons of sex scenes, surgeries and more sex scenes, Nip/Tuck fans may be surprised at how writer/creator Ryan Murphy opted to end the FX drama.

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At least that's what Dylan Walsh, who plays Sean McNamara, hinted as he praised Murphy "for coming up with something that is a little different than what people are going to expect."

In the 100th and final episode, titled "Hiro Yoshimura," Sean and colleague Christian (Julian McMahon) reflect on their tumultuous relationship, which Walsh describes as comparable to a marriage. "Underneath all that squabbling is a love story," he said.

Besides seeing things wrapped up with the main characters, fans will also get to hear Sean and Christian say, "Tell me what you don't like about yourself," one last time to our final patient of the week: an elderly Asian porn actor. 

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And be sure to pay attention to the final scene of the episode (Wednesday at 10/9c) to see if you can identify a very specific call back to the 2003 Nip/Tuck pilot.

What do you think will become of Sean and Christian?