Maggie Q Maggie Q

The CW isn't shy about showcasing the hotness of Nikita star Maggie Q: Pictures of the actress, looking well-armed and leggy, are everywhere at Comic-Con, from posters to advertisements on bike taxis to swag bags.

But would you believe that Q is a little self-conscious?

The actress, who first drew attention in the U.S. for blowing up a lamborghini in Misson: Impossible III, did joke about a possible inferiority complex during The CW's upfront presentation last spring: "You can't imagine how good looking it is backstage," Q said, referring to the casts of the network's other shows. "I had to push the A cups up a little."

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Q is in the middle of her first-ever visit to Comic-Con to promote both Nikita, in which she stars as the titular ass-kicking assassin, and the upcoming action thriller Priest. At the Warner Bros. party Friday night, she looked smashing, simply made up in a black dress and heels.

She told that she likes to keep her look "classy," and revealed that she once tried to take command of the wardrobe in the pilot for Nikita, an action-heavy spy drama that she said is more an homage to the 1990 Luc Besson film than its 1997 series spin-off, La Femme Nikita.

In one scene — arguably, the one that The CW is most heavily promoting — Nikita is undercover, ready to take care of some baddies, poolside, in a red, barely-there swimsuit. 

Comic-Con: Let be your Avatar

"But I requested a one-piece!" Q said. "I like to keep it classy, you know. I think it's sexier." The wardrobe department obliged, but when they presented the winning suit, she scoffed.

"I was like, 'When I said one-piece, I meant something that would go all the way around me,'" she said. "I didn't mean a two-piece with this little strip of fabric going down the middle.'"

Q said when she heard her Comic-Con poster for Nikita would be blanketing the convention — and indeed, surrounding downtown San Diego— she winced. Really. But her boyfriend, who accompanied Q to the party, approved.

And, Maggie? As Cher wisely told Christian in Clueless, "Carpe diem, OK? You look hot."

Nikita premieres Sept. 9 at 9/8c on The CW.