Helena Mattsson, Illarion Unhuryan, Shane West Helena Mattsson, Illarion Unhuryan, Shane West

Sorry, "Mikita" fans, but Cassandra is back.

"It's so funny; so many people have told me they hoped Cassandra was gone for good," Nikita star Maggie Q tells TVGuide.com. "She was gone, but she's come back in all of her glory."

In Friday's episode (8/7c, The CW), Nikita finds that her romance with Michael (Shane West) is put on hold when his former flame — and the mother of his child — Cassandra (Helena Mattsson) pulls them back to Moscow. "Something is going to resurface about her that Alex finds out," Q says. "Michael and Nikita have to go and find Cassandra. So there will be a big confrontation."

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The trouble in "Mikita" paradise isn't Michael's old girlfriend or even their love child though. "It doesn't matter that any of that has happened," Q explains. "He needs to make a choice that's not, 'They're in danger so maybe I shouldn't be with them. Instead I'll just be with you.' No woman is going to be OK with that. We need to see and hear what Michael feels and what he's going to do about those feelings. I think that's going to define and determine him in a big way."

And while it's not flattering to be in a default relationship, Nikita might not have too much to worry about from her blond rival. Check out a sneak peek of Friday's episode, "Arising":

Apparently, Cassandra is fitting right in during this season of surprising alliances and maneuvers. And after uncovering her latest secret, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) has her own scheming to do in order to rescue her mother. "She doesn't have a strategy, and I think that's what's fun about it," Q says. "Alex is having a very emotional response to something that she wants or a picture that she's created in her head. As you know, a lot of times that doesn't work out. Mother maybe didn't do her right."

That doesn't bode well for Alex, but Q offers words of hope for "Mikita" supporters. "I think that all these people not being a fan of Cassandra's are going to really like this episode," she says. "It really ends well."

Nikita airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

What do you think or hope will be Cassandra's fate? Should Alex leave her mother in Semak's hands?