Shane West, Maggie Q Shane West, Maggie Q

Fans psyched for Nikita's return from hiatus are looking forward to one thing: A long-awaited, steamy encounter between Michael (Shane West) and Nikita (Maggie Q) teased by early promos.

But not so fast! West, who's well aware of the devoted "Mikita" following, tweeted a warning: "Lots of different Nikita promos are circulating to get you all in a 'tizzy.' Some may be dream sequences, flashbacks, or the present ;)."

Creator Craig Silverstein confirms that part of the episode "Covenants" (airing Thursday at 9/8c on the CW) occurs in the past. "We do flashbacks to Nikita and Michael's first mission away together," he tells TV "So we see the first time they hooked up in the past, back when they were both working together for Division."

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Throughout the season, the two have exhibited undeniable chemistry, whether they've been working together or against each other. Last episode we saw Michael surprise Nikita in her lair wielding a gun and a grim expression. He doesn't have a hookup in mind, but is looking for a way to track down Kasim (Haaz Sleiman), the man who had killed his wife and daughter.

"As the show returns, Michael blackmails Nikita into getting something done for him, something that Division cannot do," Silverstein says. "He's asking her to infiltrate Gogol in order to get to Kasim. Nikita is running around the globe at Michael's behest, so things don't start happy with them and then things get even worse."

That doesn't sound very romantic, but then again, neither does this "Covenants" sneak peek:

It appears Nikita does not respond well to being used. Fans will have to watch and see if she and Michael can move past their respective needs for revenge and learn to trust each other enough to rekindle their romance.

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Meanwhile, Nikita's mole, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), is having own love woes, too, stemming from a frightening vision she had of herself while under the influence of Amanda's hallucinogen Ibogaine. Her mission to take down Division from the inside could destroy not only herself but her boyfriend Nathan (Thad Luckinbill).

"She heeds Nikita's warnings about getting out of this before it gets too late," Silverstein says. "She's starting to question the price of revenge and decides to break it off with Nathan to make it clear to Division that he's not something that can be used against her. In the process, though, she may fall even harder for him."

Can Michael and Nikita have a real relationship? Or will trust issues always interfere? How about Alex and Nathan?