Nikita, Maggie Q Nikita, Maggie Q

Maggie Q once teased that Dillon Casey's Sean Pierce would be stripping down for Nikita, and on Friday's episode (8/7c, The CW),  that promise will be fulfilled.

But executive producer Craig Silverstein says there's a reason for Sean to get naked, besides simply pleasing the fans, of course. Turns out it's related to a solo mission. "Sean put a tracker on Alex's father's watch. Since Alex is back at Nikita's house, now Sean is the only one who knows where they both are," Silverstein tells "He's faced with a problem, which is, "I feel like I know where she is with Nikita. But I don't want to do it like I did [before], bringing the whole team with me because I don't want Alex to get hurt. So he decides to go by himself."

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As a Navy SEAL, Sean naturally opts to approach from the ocean, Silverstein says. "We didn't intend for him to be shirtless and pants-less but when we asked our experts, 'What do the Navy SEALS wear underneath the wetsuits?' They were like, 'Nothing.' [So,] once they capture him, they take the wetsuit off him."

Fortunately, Casey was notified of his impeding naked interrogation scene. "I called Dillon Casey up ahead of time and was like, 'Dude, just letting you know that you will be naked for most of this episode. If you want to start lifting extra, start now,'" Silverstein says. "We call him SEAL Team Six-Pack."

Meanwhile, after teaming up with Nikita (Maggie Q) last episode, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) has been taken back to the rogue hideout and will continue to work with her mentor, much like she did in Season 1. "[The partnership] is going to last for a little bit," Silverstein says. "I want a nice patch for a change between the two ladies. They're like sisters; sometimes they'll be at odds, but also there are the nice times."

Viewers can expect more lighthearted moments now that the ladies have a moment to breathe. "There was an episode earlier in the year when we first met Cassandra, and they were both there but didn't know [they] were there at the same time — in the same country, the party, the whole thing. And now they've put it together: 'You were there?' 'Wait, you were there?' It's kind of cute."

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Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) comes off a little sterner. "He's like, 'I hate to interrupt you ladies and your spy jinks, but we've got real work,'" Silverstein says. "[But] there's a nice moment between him and Alex. They haven't had time to realize they're both on the same side now again, since they were both on the same side in Division."

Meanwhile, Percy (Xander Berkeley) still cooling his heels in Division jail, but probably not for long. "He's ready to break out, he's getting tired," Silverstein says. "Amanda (Melinda Clarke) begins to realize that he's trying to escape right now, doesn't see how he's going to do it and basically tries to prevent it."

Nikita airs on Fridays at 8/7c on The CW