Jeananne Goosen and  Brendan Fehr Jeananne Goosen and Brendan Fehr

The Night Shift's closeted doctor Drew may be forced to come out sooner than he planned.

On Tuesday's episode, a violent storm hits San Antonio, causing disarray for the hospital. But Drew (Brendan Fehr) soon learns that  the storm is only just beginning when he gets the incredible news that his boyfriend Rick has survived the war and is returning home from Afghanistan.

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"He's got to deal with the next level of [coming out]," Fehr said recently of this episode at the ATX panel screening, moderated by "In the first episode, TC calls him out. This [episode] Krista figures it out, but he's never offered it up; he's always been found out. We try to keep politics out of the mix ... [and] don't ask, don't tell has been repealed, but if you talk to people it's still a real issue. He loves the military so much, he loves [his colleagues] and wants to share himself with them. So it's a great struggle for him to continually deal with. There's a balancing act."

Watch the emotional clip between Drew and Krista:

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The Night Shift airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.