Niecy Nash Niecy Nash

After nine seasons of tidying cluttered homes, Niecy Nash won her first Daytime Emmy as producer and host of Clean House (Wednesdays, 10/9c, Style Network) in June. The comedian shares some neatening tips and what's behind her trademark flower.

TV Guide Magazine: What have you learned from going into messy houses?
Nash: I learned that clutter is an outward expression of inner things.

TV Guide Magazine: How neat is your home?
Nash: My house is neat. There's lots of pressure on me because people come with the expectation they can eat off my floor.

TV Guide Magazine: Share some decluttering tips.
Nash: Use the things in your house for what they were intended for! A treadmill is not a coat rack.

TV Guide Magazine: Why do you always wear a flower?
Nash: When I started Clean House, I was the only black woman doing that genre, but to make sure I stayed unique, I added that flower. Now I'm putting out my own line of flowers.

TV Guide Magazine: Were you glad to chuck that prosthetic butt you wore on Reno 911?
Nash: I love that booty! People started a Twitter campaign for a movie for my character. I would love to put my booty on, to be back out there on the beat.

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