Nicole Richie, <EM>The Simple Life: 'Til Death Do Us Part</EM> Nicole Richie, The Simple Life: 'Til Death Do Us Part

Breakup or no breakup, the reality show must go on. Which is why former best friends Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton can be seen trading places with adventurous housewives on E!'s The Simple Life: 'Til Death Do Us Part (new episodes air Sunday at 10 pm/ET). Here, Richie sets the record straight.

TV Guide: So far this season you've asked a mom if you could give her child sleeping pills, offered to have sex with a pregnant woman's husband and got a good Muslim kid to go bad. Why are you such a troublemaker?
Nicole Richie:
It's a character. Paris plays the bombshell who doesn't know a lot of things, and I play the jokester. That's what the show's about. But it's Season 4 now, and you know what? Everyone's in on the joke, including the families.
TV Guide: For a jokester, you were very serious when the father of the Pakistani family taught you how to do an Islamic prayer.
I'm really into reading about different religions, cultures and stuff like that. And I made it very clear to producers that I did not want to disrespect anybody's culture. I mean, to mess up someone's clothes or pool  those are all material things. I would never disrespect their culture.

TV Guide: Which was your favorite family to visit?
My favorite family you haven't met yet. They're little people, and they're really, really cute. It's just the dad and his two boys, and they're really fun. They have the best personalities, and we had so much fun with them.

TV Guide: What did you do with them?
We went on a camping trip.

TV Guide: You actually slept outside overnight?
Well, you'll see on the show.

TV Guide: The pregnant mom told producers she would choose Paris to raise a child because "I think Nicole would really mess up a kid's psyche." How'd you feel after you heard that?
It was really, really funny. I loved [that mom]. And I mean, it's not a competition.

TV Guide: If you were a parent, would you let "TV Nicole" baby-sit?
Of course. Why not? I'm so fun.

TV Guide: Would you like to have kids?
Yes. I want five three girls and twin boys.

TV Guide: Twins?!
Whenever I imagine my future, I always imagine having twin boys. So I just assume that that's going to happen.

TV Guide: What was it like to work with your former best friend?
It was fine. I mean, you have to understand that, regardless of Paris' announcement a year ago that we are no longer friends, we really haven't been friends in maybe three years. We grew apart. It's that simple, in my eyes. So I'm very used to working with somebody who I don't get along with. Work is work.

TV Guide: At whose request did producers arrange the separate filming days?
I think the producers just thought that maybe that would be an easier [approach]. I mean, they came to us with that.

TV Guide: Could you have quit The Simple Life if you'd wanted?
No. I would have had to do it. If you're contractually bound to do a show, then you're contractually bound.

TV Guide: You and Paris appear together in only two episodes, and the season premiere was one of them. What happens in the other?
That's actually the big surprise ending, so I can't really talk about that.

TV Guide: When she was on The View, Paris said she thought you guys might become friends again. Do you think you will?
That's nice. But I can't predict the future, so I don't know.

TV Guide: Moving on to a topic that doesn't involve PH, you have an album coming out. What will your first single be about?
I haven't picked a first single yet. Right now I'm just writing and recording. The way that a record goes, you sing up to 20 or 30 songs and then pick your 10 favorites. I'm about six songs in.

TV Guide: What have you written about so far?
What's going on in my life, growing up and becoming a woman and realizing what's great and what's so wonderful about life and being on this earth and living the way that I live.

TV Guide: What is so wonderful about the life of Nicole Richie?
Everything. Great friends. Great family. A great place to live. I've been lucky enough to travel the world. And, although I've gone through a lot of hardship in my past, during my teens and stuff, I really feel like I've come out on the other end. I'd really like to show how much I appreciate the fact that I'm still here, because I almost didn't get that chance.

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