Nicole Kidmanwent on a once date with Jimmy Fallon.

If that fact blew your mind, think how shocked Fallon must have been when he learned this for the first time during Kidman's Tonight Show appearance Tuesday night.

Apparently, years ago a mutual friend arranged for Kidman to go over to Fallon's apartment. The late-night host was under the impression that Kidman was interested in meeting because of a potential film role. However, Kidman reveals that she had gone to Fallon's thinking it was a date.

"Wait, what?!" Fallon says. "What are you talking about? Did I date Nicole Kidman? Did we go on a date?"

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Apparently so, according to Kidman. Though it sounds like the date was a terrible one. "I go over though and you're there in a baseball cap and like, nothing. And you wouldn't talk. You didn't say anything," Kidman recalls. "And then you put a video game on or something and I was like, 'This is so bad!'" Kidman says, causing Fallon to go beet red and hide under his desk.

Click play below to hear the rest of the story, including that Kidman thought Fallon might be gay.