Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj's penchant for outlandish fashion did her in while appearing on Good Morning America.

While performing on GMA's Summer Concert Series on Friday, the singer's low-cut top briefly revealed her nipple. "Although we had a five-second delay in place for the Nicki Minaj concert on GMA, the live East Coast feed of the concert regrettably included certain fleeting images of the performer that were taken out of later feeds of the broadcast in other time zones," an ABC spokesperson said.

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ABC added they were sorry for the incident.

President of the Parents Television Council Tim Winter initially accused the ABC morning show of not implementing a five-second delay. "For the umpteenth time in recent memory a morning news show has included inappropriate content for children and families," he told "Instead of asking for forgiveness, they need to stop apologizing and implement the five second delay that so many Americans have been calling for."