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It's a good thing Heidi Klum has a great sense of humor. Just moments after telling TV Guide Magazine that she definitely wasn't slime-appropriately dressed, the Gucci-clad supermodel was covered in the famous green gunk at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on April 2. But a little slime shouldn't rattle the host of Lifetime's Seriously Funny Kids, who has learned to expect the unexpected as part of every workday. "I love the challenge of interviewing 12 kids in a day and not knowing what I'm going to get at the end of the day," said Klum. "You laugh all day because they're just silly. They just dance around the set." 

She confirms that her other reality show, which will include hubby Seal, starts shooting in two weeks, but for now Klum is keeping quiet about the details. "You have to wait and see it when it comes out. I always like to do things [first] and then talk about them."

Glee's Kevin McHale, who attended the festivities with his slime-anticipating niece and nephew, told TV Guide Magazine the upcoming "Born This Way" episode brings back the Karofsky storyline, but there may be surprises in store. "It has to do with Karofsky but not necessarily in the expected way. I think how they approached the whole way is unique. It's cool and the number is really nice and strong, the way we do it with the message."

McHale is also excited to have Kristin Chenoweth back (singing the original song "It's 10 a.m., I'm Drunk" no less). "We filmed this number with her the other day and, I have to say, she is a genius. I could have watched her all day. She is so funny. So, she is back in a big way." 

If you're waiting to see Jenny Humpries' adventures on Gossip Girl, don't hold your breath. When TV Guide Magazine asked Taylor Momsen when she'd be back she told us, "Not for a while. I'm touring this whole year and they've been so supportive of the band, and allowing me to do it. You can't physically do both at the same time." As for who she'd like to collaborate with musically, Momsen, who admits to being very shy, drew upon a recent moment of awe. "I just saw Steven Tyler walk by! That wouldn't suck."  

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