Zachary Quinto by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo Zachary Quinto by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo

You'd swear that Comic-Con International was the TCA press tour the way news poured out of it over the weekend. The highlights:

" Lost genius J.J. Abrams confirmed that he's cast Heroes' Zacharo Quinto as a young Spock in his upcoming Star Trek prequel - and has signed the Vulcan's original portrayer, Leonard Nimoy, to appear in the film as well. The New York Post adds that William Shatner is in talks to cameo as Cap'n Kirk.

" An HD-DVD collection of Star Trek: The Original Series is being released on Nov. 20 in a set of 10 two-sided discs. (The high-def version of the classic series will be on one side of the discs, with the standard version on the other.) Extras include the new visual effects, CGI and re-recorded score that are currently being featured in the syndicated version of the show, plus a 3-D self-navigated shuttle tour of the NCC-1701, a "Starfleet Access" interface with on-screen icons that offer additional data, the ubiquitous trivia, new video interviews with the cast and crew, and never-before-seen Super 8 footage shot by Trek extra Billy Blackburn. The whole shebang has a suggested retail price of $217.99.

" Kevin Smith has signed on to direct an episode of Heroes: Origins, the spin-off of the NBC smash that's set to debut this spring. His hope, as the Clerks auteur told big boss Tim Kring, was that he'd get to write and direct an episode about "the two Japanese dudes. They're gay, right?"

" Steven Spielberg announced that Karen Allen will appear in the upcoming Indiana Jones movie in her old role of our hero's main squeeze, Marion Ravenwood. The pic opens on Memorial Day.

" Nicolas Cage unveiled his and 16-year-old son Weston's new comic book, Voodoo Child, in which a biracial ghost battles bigotry in Cage's fave town, New Orleans.