Question: Any news on what the cast of Everwood is up to now that the show is over? If I can no longer watch them on one of the best shows on TV, I'd like to follow their careers.

Answer: Compiling a list like that seems really tedious and time-consuming. In other words, it's the perfect job for TV Guide's summer intern, Northwestern senior Laura Moore! Here's what she found out:

Emily VanCamp: According to her publicist, "Emily's moving to Los Angeles for the first time since she started acting. Her experience on the show was an incredible journey and, though shes very sad to leave her Everwood family, she is excited about the opportunities ahead and is ready for a new challenge." Last summer, Em shot the coming-of-age indie film Black Irish, starring Will & Grace's Michael Angarano. No release date yet, but click here to view the movie's website.

Chris Pratt: He's got two films in the can. In Strangers with Candy, which opens June 30, Chris plays a high-school jock who Amy Sedaris is crushing on. He also has a role in Walk the Talk with Cary Elwes. "Other than that," says his rep, "I think hes had his life pretty much settled in Utah, so he's arranging to move back [to L.A.]"

Gregory Smith: He's currently filming the Richard Attenborough-helmed romantic drama Closing the Ring, starring Shirley MacLaine, Christopher Plummer and Mischa Barton. Also, he started his own indie production company with veteran producer Susan Johnson. They're already in production with Sony on their first feature, Wieners, currently shooting in Salt Lake City. Says Greg's rep: "He used the entire crew from Everwood [on the film]. Hes a real entrepreneur."

Sarah Drew: Per her publicist, Sarah's been offered the lead role in the indie American Pastimes, costarring Gary Cole. Additionally, she'll appear in the aforementioned Gregory Smith-produced flick, Weiners.