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Here come the Newlyweds!

GSN is moving forward with its revival of The Newlywed Game, ordering 40 half-hour episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But don't expect Bob Eubanks and all his whoopee-esque questions to take center stage. "Marriage has changed over the years — what couples talk about, what they fight about," said executive producer Michael Davies (Who Wants to be a Millionaire). "So there will be a lot of updating just by the fact of our casting. In doing presentations, it's become clear to us that wives today are far more vocal than in the previous episodes. There's just a lot of guys looking concerned that they're about to get in trouble — and usually they do. It's thoroughly entertaining."

In a new twist, Davies added that he is casting for "goldyweds" — couples who appeared on the original show — to be pitted against those who've been married for two years or less.

"The show has really good, original brand value," he said. "It's a fun, funny game where it doesn't matter who wins; it's about the material."

Though the host and prize have yet to be announced, Davies did say the prize could possibly mirror the show's original "second honeymoon."

Do you think the revival is a good idea?