The New Normal The New Normal

Here's one wedding that doesn't go off without a hitch. As The New Normal's Bryan and David (Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha) are about to say "I do" on the NBC comedy's April 2 finale, Goldie goes into labor. "It was very important to Bryan to be married before the baby came," says executive producer Ali Adler, "but not everything happens as we plan."

The couple regroups with an impromptu beach wedding (shot on the same Santa Monica location that Goldie and Shania visited in the pilot). "They create the wedding of their dreams with things found on the beach," Adler says. The special something new: David and Bryan's baby boy.

While the cast hopes they'll get picked up for Season 2, "If for some reason we don't," says Rannells, "this is a perfect [end] button."

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