We're finally going to meet the man responsible for Schmidt, on New Girl's fifth season!

Peter Gallagher will be guest-starring as Schmidt's (Max Greenfield) father in an upcoming episode of the show, TVGuide.com has confirmed. Gallagher will begin filming his episode, which does not yet have an airdate, in December. TVLine first reported the news.

Gallagher and Greenfield also share a special connection, having played the same character on The O.C. Gallagher starred as dad Sandy Cohen for four seasons on the show, and Greenfield appeared as a younger Sandy in 2007.

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Greenfield posted his excitement about the casting on Twitter.

Do you approve of Gallagher's casting? Do you think he'll also be contributing to the douchebag jar?

New Girl returns in January on Fox.

Watch Max Greenfield's guest spot on The O.C.