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The 17 Best Butts Coming to Your TV This Season, Ranked

There's a lotta booty next season, we cannot lie

Joyce Eng

More than 50 million people have watched the trailer for NBC's new drama This Is Us since it was released May 15, but why can't people get enough of a Parenthood-esque weeper? It's not just to see Mandy Moore suffer her worst health crisis since A Walk to Remember.

No, we all know why This Is Us is so popular: Milo Ventimiglia's bare butt. And while no other new show had the foresight for its star to go full backal, there is plenty of bootyliciousness coming to your screen later this year. Here are 17 butts we can definitely get behind this season.

17. Hayley Atwell, Conviction (ABC)
Atwell's ne-er-do-well former first daughter Hayes Morrison has made an ass of herself, but she can still strut her stuff.


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16. Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, Prison Break (Fox)
Double the Scofield-Burrows, double the buns.


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15. Martin, Downward Dog (ABC)
Talk about chasing some great tail.


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14. Kiefer Sutherland, Designated Survivor (ABC)
Old Jack Bauer butt.


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13. Corey Hawkins, 24: Legacy (Fox)
New Jack Bauer butt.


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12. Sofia Black D'Elia, The Mick (Fox)
It's almost like she's doing the downward dog.


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11. Matt LeBlanc, Man with a Plan (CBS)
He'd be higher had he worn Joey's Sergio Valente jeans.


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10. Kevin James, Kevin Can Wait (CBS)
Looks like his butt is still in shape from all that pole dancing.


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9. Tori Anderson, No Tomorrow (CW)
We are bummed our butt doesn't look this good.


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8. Michael Weatherly, Bull (CBS)
This is like a slo-mo headbutt.


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7. Baby bear, The Great Indoors (CBS)
Spoiler alert: This bear will grow up to stick her face in Leonardo DiCaprio's butt.


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6. Kylie Bunbury, Pitch (Fox)
Baseball butts always look astounding.


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5. Clayne Crawford, Lethal Weapon (Fox)
Junk in the trunk? More like junk on the roof, amirite?


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4. Jude Demorest, Star (Fox)
Star is totally the Beyonce of the group.


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3. Zorn, Son of Zorn (Fox)
Nothing comes between Zorn and his Calvins. (Calvin Klein makes animated briefs, right?)


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2. Freddie Stroma, Time After Time (ABC)
The only thing better than a time machine propelling a butt in your face is if said butt belongs to Freddie Stroma. Pro tip: If you want to see more of dat ass, watch Season 1 of UnREAL.


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1. Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us (NBC)
Eat your heart out, Rory Gilmore.


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