The new Fuller House is about to get even fuller!

The Netflix show will feature two recurring roles that weren't in the original series: Danny Tanner's new (and much younger) wife, and Kimmy Gibler's lothario ex-husband, according to And mercifully, they're making it so the entire show isn't just white people.

The original run of Full House was based on the premise that Danny Tanner was widowed after his wife (and mother of DJ, Stephanie and Michelle) was killed by a drunk driver. Though he had a few relationships over the course of the show, none of them stuck. But apparently, in the intervening two decades since the show ended, he found someone new.

Jodie Sweetin says Michelle will have a "presence" on Fuller House, whatever that means

TVLine reported exclusively Thursday that the Fuller House showrunners are casting for "Teri," a 40-year-old black woman described as "attractive, vivacious ... and youthful." She also "has quite an appetite" for Bob Saget's character and "isn't afraid to shower him with affection," which, ick, but we guess after all this time, Danny Tanner deserves some lovin'.

They are also seeking someone to play "Fernando," who will be Andrea Barber's character's "inappropriately passionate" cheater ex-husband. (Please note that it is not Kimmy Gibler's high school boyfriend from the original series — his name was Duane.) Kimmy and Fernando have a daughter, Ramona, and Fernando is desperate to make them one big happy family again.

Since they haven't cast these roles yet, here are some ideas:

For Teri: Aisha Tyler! She's got the comedy chops and is a longtime TV veteran. And as a San Francisco native, she'd fit right in. Another fantastic option would be Retta, whom we have desperately needed back on our TVs since Parks and Rec ended.

For Fernando: William Levy is a telenovela superstar, so he definitely knows how to romance the ladies. Raul Castillo is also free since Looking got canceled.

Who do you think should play Teri and Fernando?

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