Batman Gotham Knight courtesy Warner Home Video Batman Gotham Knight courtesy Warner Home Video

The latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight, doesn't open until July 18, but an animated DVD out 10 days earlier should satisfy any Caped Crusader cravings. Batman Gotham Knight helps set the stage for Christopher Nolan's feature film, with a series of six interlocking animé tales.

The voice cast of this visually stunning interpretation of the DC Comics legend includes Kevin Conroy, who played the title character in Batman: The Animated Series and later in Justice League, ER's Parminder Nagra, Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz and ex- CSI star Gary Dourdan.

Ortiz plays Detective Anna Ramirez,a part she was also up for in The Dark Knight. She lost out to Monique Curnen but got a unique second chance for the animated version. "I audition for so many things, it all just sort of rolls off your back," she says. "But I was glad that I got to play her one way or the other. And I get to put my own spin on it."

She worked closely with Dourdan, who plays Ramirez's partner, Detective Crispus Allen. "To have him in there with me, everything just flowed a little bit easier," says Ortiz, who had never voiced an animated character before this project. "He is just a great scene partner and it made it that much cooler for me." - Danny Spiegel