Question: Can you give me any new Veronica Mars stuff?

Answer: OK, but it's a bummer. As you have probably already heard, UPN has decided to delay the show's three remaining sweeps episodes including the big Feb. 22 outing starring me until March. Totally sucks, I know. But I actually understand the network's logic here. Veronica has been getting pummeled in the Nielsens as a result of its DOA lead-in, South Beach. We're talking lowest ratings ever. So it makes perfect sense that UPN would want to hold these originals until March, when powerhouse lead-in America's Next Top Model returns to the sked. It also should allay any concerns that Dawn Ostroff isn't 100 percent committed to making this show a success. Clearly, she wants as many people to see Veronica as possible, and for that I love her. Still, it sucks that we've got to wait another whole month for my Mars debut. On the bright side, guess what you don't have to wait a month for? My exclusive, behind-the-scenes photo diary! Technically, this isn't supposed to go live until tomorrow, but I'm offering an early preview as a special treat for the coolest group of people on the planet: Ask Ausiello readers.