When Netflix revealed a number of series premiere dates earlier this year, the mysterious and thrilling family drama Bloodline was suspiciously absent from the lineup. If you've been losing sleep because of this, you can rest easy now because we finally know when the Rayburns will be back. Go ahead and clear your schedule for Memorial Day Weekend because all 10 episodes of Season 2 will debut Friday, May 27 for your viewing pleasure.

When we return to the Florida coast, the Rayburns will be struggling to conceal their actions from Season 1 and the unthinkable crime that took place. As peculiar strangers from Danny's (Ben Mendelsohn) past surface with a dangerous agenda, law enforcement will get closer and closer to the truth behind Danny's murder and paranoia will set in and replace the days of a friendly, peaceful family balance. As Netflix put it in the logline: "Lies mount. Alliances are betrayed. Relationship are destroyed. With their backs against the wall, good people may have to do some very bad things..."

Okay then! Who else is ready for Season 2?