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6 Questions The Witcher Season 2 Should Answer

What was that prophecy all about?

Sadie Gennis

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Witcher. Read at your own risk!]

Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher, was a fun fantasy adventuretold across multiple timelines that wasn't afraid to break away from the books when it made sense. Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich managed to do a lot in this first season, which introduced viewers to the witcher Geralt (Henry Cavill), the sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), and the princess Ciri (Freya Allan). But that isn't to say that Season 1 didn't leave some pretty big questions hanging -- not that we're complaining. Burning questions like these are precisely what will keep us busy during the wait for Season 2, as we debate theories and speculate about what's to come.

So what are the biggest questions we're hoping Season 2 will answer? And what does the cast, including Henry Cavill, have to say regarding some of the most notable Witcher mysteries? Read on for our full breakdown!

The Witcher
Katalin Vermes/Netflix

1. How powerful is Ciri? We saw evidence of Ciri's abilities throughout this first season -- including proof of just how deadly they can be -- but it seems as though we've only begun to scratch the surface of what she can do and why she's of such importance. By the season's end, not only did Ciri go into a trance and share an ominous prophecy, but she seemed to share Geralt's dreams about Yennefer.

However, before we can learn the limits of Ciri's powers, first the young princess needs to overcome her fear of them. "I think she's just terrified of them. They're handy at times in allowing her to escape from people, but I think it's something that she sees as quite a dark thing because she can't control it and she doesn't want to hurt people and also it makes her feel quite isolated," Freya Allan told us. "So I think it's something that scares her at the moment. I don't know what's going to happen. Maybe she'll start honing her craft a bit, Season 2."

2. What was Geralt's last wish? When Geralt became the master of a djinn in Episode 5, "Bottled Appetites," he was granted three wishes. But the show left the contents of Geralt's last wish unknown. We know that whatever Geralt wished for, it saved Yennefer's life and bound their destinies together. (And no, he didn't wish that she'd fall in love with him. Geralt would never force feelings upon anyone!) Did Geralt wish to have a child with Yennefer? Did he wish to die alongside her? Did he wish for the djinn to leave so they could stop wasting time and start getting busy? We have our theories, but Henry Cavill warned we may never know for sure. "That is up to [showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich]," Cavill told TV Guide. "Lauren and I have discussed it at length. And time will tell if she's willing to reveal that."

3. What is Geralt and Ciri's destiny? Destiny is obviously a huge theme of this series. And while it's clear that Geralt and Ciri's destinies are intertwined, there's still a lot of mystery surrounding what, precisely, the shape their shared destiny will take. Is it for Ciri to become the first female witcher? Is it for Geralt to be her protector from Cahir (Eamon Farren) and all the other nefarious figures out to get her? And what does that prophecy have to do with it all?

The prophecy Ciri spoke in her Episode 7 trance seemed to warn of a new ice age destroying the world, and we're guessing her ties to this potential apocalypse are why she's of such interest to Nilfgaard. But does that mean she's destined to destroy the world or to save it? And what is Geralt's role in all this?

Whatever it is, Cavill shared that after denying the very concept of destiny all season long, Geralt is finally ready to try and fulfill his role in whatever destiny has in store. "There's a reluctant acceptance that there may be some things outside of his control," Cavill said. "Whether they are the case or not, it's about his position now, which he has to stand up to, live up to, and evolve to be the best he can possibly be at."

4. Will Yennefer ever have a child of her own? Although it was Yennefer's choice to sacrifice her uterus in order to transform herself, after failing to save the infant Aedirn princess she came to deeply regret her infertility. Yennefer's quest to have a child became an obsession of hers in this first season -- and one that nearly killed her. Chalotra said that it was important for Yennefer to be the one to actively choose to give up her ability to have a child because "the power of choice is really important" in the series and that there are "a lot of consequences" that Yennefer has to face as a direct result. Whether the series will find Yennefer discovering that much sought-after loophole or show her finding peace with her past decisions remains unknown (although Borch Three Jackdaws did say she would never be able to bear a child herself). But hey, Ciri's an orphan and now the ward of Yen's off-and-on lover. Maybe she could just adopt her!

The Witcher

5. What is Vilgefortz up to? When the sorcerer Vilgefortz woke up after being knocked unconscious during the Battle of Sodden, he killed a fellow mage rather than help him. Clearly this dude is up to nothing good. But why would he undermine a battle against Nilfgaard that he was the leader of? Was he setting up the Northern mages to be killed to pave the way for Nilfgaard's victory? Was he just putting that mage out of his misery in the most brutal way possible? If Vilgefortz does have a secret agenda, does that mean Tissaia does too? The two appeared to be more than just chummy and working closely together. After Yennefer finally put her trust in Tissaia, we can't imagine how she'd react if Tissaia ever betrays her.

6. What happened to Yennefer? We're not even going to pretend to wonder if Yennefer is alive or not. The show was renewed for Season 2 and Anya Chalotra is returning, so we will be seeing Yen again. However, there is a chance that when Yen unleashed her chaos during the Battle of Sodden she sacrificed her own life in the process. But there's magic in this world so even if she's dead at the moment, there's no saying someone can't resurrect her. Or perhaps she's just extremely injured and will need some time to heal. No matter what happened to Yen, something noticeably changed in her during the Battle of Sodden, with Yen finally finding some passion and purpose in life again, and so it's likely she'll be a bit different when we see her next.

The Witcher is available to stream on Netflix.

Additional reporting by Lindsay MacDonald

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Henry Cavill, The Witcher
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